Beaugureau Studios is a commercial and advertising photography studio in Chicago. They work with creatives from across the country to create mouth  watering images that are featured in cookbooks, local and national magazines, packaging, food blogs, and even on a video platform for tv and commercials. 

Our studio is over 3,000 sq. ft. and can accommodate daylight and black-out conditions. We have a built in prop room located directly next the shooting space for quick and easy selections of surfaces, textiles, plates, and cutlery.  The studio's commercial grade kitchen is equipped to handle 2 food stylists and their assistants.  Having the studio shooting space next to the large kitchen, allows for easy communication and productivity.  The oversized shooting space allows for 3 photographers to shoot at the same time. There is a wonderfully quiet client lounge, with a large conference table that has power built in, along with being wi-fi enabled.  We have often been told that people are more productive here, then at the office or home.

Getting to Beaugureau Studios is simple.  Easily located a few blocks off the major Chicago interstates, near O'hare and with in walking distance from the Metra. Even the blue line is a possibility. People from the suburbs and the loop can find it convenient to travel to our studio.  With free parking in our private parking lot, you will never have to drive around or hope to find a spot near by.


Owner / Head Photographer Studio Manager Photographer Photographer